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The Ultimate Wedding Band Guide For 2018

Leeds Wedding Band Groove Manuva

There are many things to think about when planning a wedding. One thing that guests often comment on for months or years to come however is the quality (good OR bad) of the wedding music. A bad band or DJ can ruin what might otherwise be a great evening. A good band will create good times for you and your guests that people will remember for ages.

With that in mind and if that is what you want to achieve, it’s worth paying some attention to make sure you get the band that you want.

So, what are the MOST IMPORTANT things you might not already know when looking for a band for your wedding?

1. There are lots of different types of wedding bands

The term ‘wedding band’ typically comes with some bad connotations. Maybe they will only play ‘cheesy’ music and how do I know that we and our guests will like them? The good news is that it is quite easy now for bands to put together a good promotional video so you can see exactly what they do.

There are bands in many different styles so you should listen to as many as you can and choose the one that will go best with your ideas for your wedding day. It is a good idea to find an online directory where you can audition bands and see who you prefer. Be aware though that agencies will charge an additional fee on top of the band’s base fee. You can shortlist bands you like and then approach them directly for better rates.

2. The good bands will have a clear, proven history of successful events

Popular and consistently good bands will have done loads of gigs over the years. This will be reflected in the number of bookings they have (you can ask!), and how much positive feedback they have. Check out the band`s website, facebook page, google business page and agency websites they work for. Whilst we all know that some reviews can be faked, bands who have consistently good reviews from profiles that look genuine are likely to be good. If you can see positive feedback across the board then that’s a great sign.

3. Bands may vary slightly from their promotional material

The only way you will know exactly what they sound like is to see them play live. If you haven’t seen your chosen band play before then check if they have any public showcase gigs coming up. Some popular bands don’t get time to do this very often as they are so busy playing at other people’s events! Professional bands use professional musicians and as such, they may find themselves away on other work at certain times of the year. If that is the case then your band should have a provision for replacing that member with someone of the same proficiency. Top bands in the game do this regularly and it’s nothing to worry about!

4. Bands will usually be able to play the songs that you request but only if you let them know before the day

It’s a good idea to choose a band who already play songs that you know and like. If you look at their setlist then these will be listed.

Often, bands will offer to learn songs for you as part of their package. This might mean a live first dance and then another song of your choice. There might also be a chance to select some songs that you like from a longer list. If you speak to the band when you are considering booking, then they will be able to tell you at that point what will be possible. It’s not usually possible for bands to be able to play something you request on the evening as you would request from a DJ. Bands want to please but if they don’t know the song on the spot then, unfortunately, it’s best to let them get on with the tracks that they know well!

5. There will be some other requirements from the band and also from your venue

All wedding bands will request some food and soft drinks for the evening. They will also need a decent stage space on the night and an adequate power supply – usually, 2 x 13amp sockets is enough.

Most venues will need the band to have public liability insurance (PLI), and for all their equipment to be PAT tested so it is known to be safe. If you speak to your venue in good time of the wedding then they will let you know what their specific requirements are.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what needs to be considered when booking a band for your wedding. Get in touch if you would like any more advice and feel free to comment 🙂


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