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The Royal Armouries Museum Leeds is situated just 0.9 miles away from the Clayton Hotel Leeds and is home to the national collection of arms and armour. Opening in 1996 and taking over from the Tower of London as being the home of the national collection of arms and armour the Royal Armouries in Leeds, has been a great success and provided entertainment and knowledge for millions of visitors.

The Royal Armouries houses the national collection of arms and armour from across the world and throughout time. With over 8,500 objects from across the world laid out in six themed galleries there is plenty to look at and explore.

  • The war gallery shows the development of the art of warfare and weapons along with tolls for the upkeep and maintenance of the weapons. With arms and armour dating back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans up to trench warfare in the First World War this collection shows exactly how warfare has evolved over time. This gallery also houses a brand-new exhibition from the Early Medieval period.
  • The Tournament gallery presents the contests in which knights and kings would have once competed in. Showcasing extravagant arms and armour that were worn and used in tournaments including Henry VIII’s Foot Combat Armour this impressive collection will surly cast your mind back to a more ruthless time.
  • The Oriental gallery houses arms and armour form the great civilisations of Africa and Asia. These beautiful but deadly weapons show how warriors could be revered and rewarded for their bravery in battle. Don’t miss the amazing elephant armour weighing over 18 stone and the armour of the famous Samurai.
  • The Hunting gallery shows the history and evolution of hunting, from prehistoric man to present day Olympic sports. Lean about the weapons used to hunt in the different ages and how often the development of a new weapon or hunting tool could change the world.
  • Many objects in the Royal Armouries collection have a social importance today and none more so the those in the Self-Defence gallery. With no organised peace keepers until the Victorian period, travellers and traders routinely armed themselves for protection. From daggers and elegant rapiers of the 16th century to firearms these weapons demonstrate how treacherous a place the road could be.
  • The Peace gallery explores the positive changes that have been, and are still being, made by individuals, groups and nations to replace conflict with peace. This exhibition has been created in conjunction with The Peace Museum in Bradford.

With all these galleries and much more including the Hall of Steel, the Swords or Middle Earth and a cross bow range available to explore by yourself you can have a brisk look or examine in detail all the museum has on display.

The Royal Armouries also offers fantastic talks and demonstrations by incredibly knowledgeable experts and professionals in different locations throughout the day including within the Tiltyard, where visitors can catch live shows of military and sporting skill-at-arms. With a capacity of 1200 people and each year hosting an annual jousting competition with competitors coming from around the world, it could be easy to forget which century you are in.

Many events are held at this captivating and stunning location throughout the year that are open to the public as well as private events. Some of the events open to the public including talks on previous monarchs, the world peace flame and even a medieval murder mystery.

With free admission for all, open daily from 10am until 5pm and with great facilities including a café and shop this is a great place to entertain yourself or your family for a few hours or to attend one of their many events.

For a hotel near Royal Armouries Museum, get in touch with Clayton Hotel Leeds.


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