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otel near Temple Newsam

Hotel near Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam is a beautiful country house mansion located within 1,500 acres of its own land just outside the city of Leeds. This Tudor-Jacobean mansion holds more than 500 years of history and is described as one of Britain’s best stately homes, it has been beautifully restored to its former glory with extravagant décor and breath-taking artwork. The house has been owed by some important and mystical figures including the Knights Templar from which it takes the first part of its name “Temple” and Lord Darnley the husband to Mary Queen of Scots. Temple Newsam and all it has to offer is just 5.6 miles from Clayton Hotel Leeds and is easily accessible by both public transport or by car.

Built in around 1520 by Thomas Lord Darcey the original building on this site was a four-sided courtyard house. The original style of brickwork and angled window bays can still be se in some parts of the house. This property was removed from him however along with his head by Henry the Eighth after a failed rebellion. The property was then given to Henry’s favourite niece Lady Lennox whom later gave birth to Lord Darnley, later to become the husband of Mary Queen of Scots. This would however enrage Queen Elizabeth and cause her to throw Lady Lennox into the Tower of London and confiscate Temple Newsam. Temple Newsam remained in the possession of the crown until 1622 when it was sold to a self-made Yorkshire millionaire Sir Arthur Ingram. He demolished most of the original building leaving only the central block with made up the face of the house. He then built two new wings either side creating a Three-sided courtyard house. The descendants of Sir Arthur Ingram lived here for the next 300 or so years with the property passing from father to son until the end of the 18th century due to the lack of a male hair. The last Lord Ingram however had had five daughters the oldest of which, Lady Hartford, inherited the house where she created a beautiful drawing room in an oriental style. The house then passed to another of the sisters Elizabeth who had married into the Meynell family of Staffordshire and from then on the family became known as Meynell-Ingram. The last descendant of Sir Artur Ingram, Hugo Francis Meynell-Ingram, died in 1871 he left the house and all his possessions to his wife Emily who developed the house further adding a grand staircase along with many other features. When she died childless some years later she left Temple Newsam to Edward Wood the future Lord Halifax. During the first world war much of the house was turned into a red cross hospital and in the second world war the grounds would be devastated by open cast coal mining, however the house and grounds have now been restored to their former glory.

The park and grounds of Temple Newsam, originally designed in 1760 by Lancelot Brown is a picturesque landscape with rolling lawns and shimmering lakes tucked in amongst the forest. The grounds covering almost 1500 acers home a number of features including fountains, sculpted flower beds and games pitches. The grounds and gardens have changed and been developed over the years but haven’t lost their picturesque roosts. The ground now even home a small farm where visitors can meet and feed the animals and a rare breed’s bird sanctuary.

Temple Newsam offers several events that the public can attend along with private hire event space. With all this history and beauty so close to the Clayton Hotel Leeds why now book a stay and explore what the city and surrounding area have to offer.


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